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I am very pleased to see you here.

Here is a guide to answer some of the questions you might have about our photo shooting day and what you should expect from it. Please read what suits the package you picked and don't forget to click the button at the end to fill out a quick form.

WHAT TO DRESS for a photo/video session?



Simply, whatever you want!

It's my job to make sure you beautifully fit in the composition and not the other way around. Even for professional headshots, you are free to suit your style.


I recommend you to wear what you love, what shows your lifestyle and identity so you can keep a real memory of whom you are now and whatever makes you feel comfortable. 


Surely you have seen professional photos were taken with everyone wearing white and the same colors. But don't worry and come for the photo shooting/Videotaping feeling amazing in your own terms and I promise a fun, laid-back experience. If you are after some advice, solid colors always look nice: beige, brown, red, mustard... any pastels or earthy tones looks amazing. 


There are must don't wear as you can see below.  This type of pattern causes a blur effect that will interfere in your image. Solid color are cool yes, as it can highlight your faces and don't get any distraction but not mandatory at all. 


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 4.26.53 PM.png



Families - 45min 

My photo shooting style will allow you to feel comfortable, less awkward and will be an easy and fun experience, I promise! Even Dads will enjoy it!.


A few things you have to know for the whole experience to be a success:


- My setting up on location takes around  5-15 minutes prior to session. So you will find me at the location a bit earlier.

- Please be on time as we want to achieve the best lighting experience we can get

- You don't have to know what to do, I will tell you and position you all, so unique moments can happen naturally and I will be ready to capture that.

- Indoors sessions: we will try to find cool and meaningful spots where light is beautiful to get the best shots. 

- Outdoors sessions: I will limit the area of the location you have chosen so we can be productive and fun. 

- On location studio sessions: we start from formal pictures in front of the chosen backdrop, then I spend most of the session capturing the connection and feelings your family shares to reproduce timeless memories. 



If you have a particular reference or style you want to add into the session please let me know once filling out the form at the end of this page.



+ Kids


My way to engage with kids is warming them up for the session with some movement games and jokes. I introduce myself and play with them while taking individual photos. Once they get familiar with me, I invite you all to come and join in. My aim is not to disturb your moment together but guiding you along the session to capture your family story and lifestyle. 


So, leave the kids with me as I will help guide them through the session. You don't need to worry about asking them to look at the camera or such a thing. I have some tricks for that ;)



Weddings and Pre-wedding photo session



Pre-wedding meeting & photo session - 1h and 30min

The first hour is to chat about the big day expectations and go through the day's run sheet. After that, we will head off to a specific location where we start a mini 30min photo session to capture the couple's connection and love.  I will guide and offer you the right environment and frame the beginning of your family history.  You can use the photos to send a cool save the date to friends and family too or later on, a thank you card.




After our meeting I will create and share a shot list where we will cover the timeframe and basics:


- Bride and Groom preparation (please separate on a tray or table some of the accessory details you will be wearing: perfume, earrings, necklace, tie...)

- Bride and Groom formals

- Families portraits

- Ceremony and its details

- Reception (depends on the couple style we can go around tables for photos or not)

- Capturing all emotions and the timeless moments (candid photos) of the day.

- WOW posed shots


On the wedding day prior to the ceremony the ideal timeframe to capture the beauty of the day is:


- At least 45 minutes for Bride's shots 

- At least 15 minutes for Groom's shots

- After the ceremony for formal family portraits 30min to 1 hour.



Promo video or interview

I will use a microphone lapel on your clothes which is black! I will hide it, but please keep that in mind. I have a teleprompter but don't recommend for people that haven't use it or it is not familiar with as your head and eyes might not look ideal.  I highly recommend you to memorise your lines and practice beforehand. 

Professional headshots

My goal is to be fast and fun. 

Wear what you want and I will offer you some photo style ideas (with samples) to inspire you on the day. 



Events & Celebrations

I arrive 30min prior to the events to do a quick set up and lighting review. Depending on the event style and brief, I will engage with people and try to get the most to capture the moments and document it in a fun way. 




Ideally is nice to choose a place that means something to you/partner. If you don't have one, I can always recommend beautiful spots for you to choose from. The session will run according to the location and I will guide you to capture your expression towards your baby, partner, and the moment you are living in. 



I work around the baby's own pace. Usually, the sessions last longer as we want a great experience for your baby not to be so disturbed. Yes, you can stop to feed, to give cuddles, snuggles, and relax about it. Just share the moments that are a must-have for you in the questionnaire so I can make sure to cover it (for instance: bath, breastfeeding, playing time..).



No matter what type of service you asked for, all my clients are entitled to:


All-inclusive package


- Edited photos within the agreed timeframe 

- 7-10 days turnaround

- Receive your images via a private online gallery where you can download all the photos in high resolution, view, and share with your friends and family.

- As optional you can order prints (canvas, frames, photobook, acrylic, magnetics, cards, wooden..) from your own gallery and receive it on your doorstep. I partnered with the best fine art paper printing labs to offer you museum quality products that will last forever.

Please fill out the 2 minutes questionnaire so I can get to know more about your style and expectations. 

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